Up again and ready for a new day.

My day started at 2:53 a.m. waking up to a purring black and orange cat. My cat of course.

She is my companion of the night. That feline has the same hours as me.

That is enough about my furry friend. I want to talk about the new day that has been gifted to me.

I have an exciting day ahead of me. Places to be and people to see.

I’m excited about a group i will get to go to this afternoon. It is a group of people who are just like me (autistic). I will be to play games with my fellow friends.

Board games That is what we are going to get to enjoy together. This simple get together means a lot to me. I get to understand the complexities of a game ,but even more complex is the people.

These members of the group struggle as much as i do. Though when we get together we harness the power of fun and enjoy ourselves.

Hours away from human interaction. Little to do and Much to do. That is how my brain limits itself in the night.

I feel lonely. I should not feel this way i have another sentient animal with me. Even now she is asking for head pats and back rubs.

I will leave you with that a reminder there is always some one right there for you. You are never alone when you have animal

Onto the night and Onto the morning.

Staying up late. And doing absolutely Nothing of Value.

I’m the only one awake in my entire family. No one to converse with. No one to do activities with.

So i sit here semi-alone, (other than a needy kitty cat), waiting for the beginning of the day for every one else.

I will only get a 30 minute window with my parents to be with them as they get ready for their respective work places.

I have played a little of the game Overwatch. It was quite exciting due to the new additions of a Halloween match type.

Though i think of my brother playing the game. You see him and I play very frequently together in our free time.

He lives miles away in a city that i don’t get to visit very often. I do get  regular correspondence with my guitar loving brother over many types electronic wave-lengths.

I don’t treat myself well staying up in the wee hours of the morning or should i say the dead of night.

I eat very little. My exercise is limited to going up down the stairs of the basement i live in.

So when they say that you are the worst enemy of thine self, I tend to agree.

I wish i was normal sometimes. Though i have a more strong inclination to be extra-ordinary.

You see i always wanted more from this life. I feel i have may found more in life today then any day in the immediate past.

I have this blog a way to air my thoughts. It is most satisfying to be writing. I see so much to be had in this endeavor.

I will be up many more hours till my body says enough of this torture. When i do claim that much needed rest i will enter the world of dreams. Dreams a place to travel the stars.

My struggles with Autism and How I’m an avid gamer.

Hi I’m Justin an autistic gamer who has had struggles with the world since I’ve been 10.

I want to have a place to share my thoughts on so many things, Such as mental illness, gaming, hobbies, life great complexities, fantasy writings, and day to day occurrences.

This is an experiment on the therapeutic values of sharing my thoughts for myself and you the readers.

I’m what you call a geeky gamer with a huge imagination. I  ramble on so many times that i leave the train of thought of everyone’s conversation and jump two light years away.

I hope that this blog will allow me to air  my thoughts , but also give strength to those who feel afflicted of the same thoughts as I.

Welcome to the crazy dimension of my design hope you enjoy your stay!