I choose the path. When a new fork in the road appears. I hope that all the places I’ve been helps me to be a hero. A hero, I am. A villain I have been. A soul of learning, is what  I strive.

If the world will fight me, I will stand on my two legs and defy. I will love not hate. I am who I am. The people I meet are much. I hope to understand their ticking of their clocks.If you stand you don’t move. I am always walking. I am afraid of what I will find on the passage ahead. I look back and it gives me strength. If the world would stop now I would still move.

I choose life. I do not understand why life chose me. It did though. So I have a place to be in this world. What would you do if every thing was explained. I would miss the mystery. The secrets. The exhilaration. The choice.

So choose, I know you will make the right choice.


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