I have found great solace in life. I may be plagued with problems, such as bugs in code. I accept the ebb and flow. I find gems and rocks in the small world of mine, but immensity of depth, that of the Mariana Trench. I hope to find bobbins that cause great waves in the endless ocean of experience. I find only positive and negative charges , and it is my choice to what to power with them.

I have been corrected, chastised, and found wrong. I take the those objections and choose to act upon them. Those raw materials that I have been given or thrown at me. I change them to blessed artifacts of my own reality.

I hoped to change, and I have. I embrace this new life. I hope those out there can take this as a rock or gem, (hopefully a gem). I think this world will end me sometime, but it will be on its terms not mine. I will not give up. I will fight. I will change. I will blossom. You will too!


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