I find the experience of enjoying a good video game with the experience a great time with my father one of the best things in the world.

I find those moments that consist of my life meaningful when I am able to exist as a major part of my family and friends life.

I was playing a game most people have heard of Super Smash Bros. This game Allows for competitive and cooperative play. I chose competitive last night.

Some simple time with two people mashing buttons and thus making their digital avatar kick butt. What a great life i live.

I hope those around me that engage in this activity of shared focus find as much solace as I do.

Solo games are fun and all. Though when you see the face of your father scrunching to understand what is going on and then the next moment laughing brings a swell to my heart.

Thank you my loving dad for making me and still sticking around. He make my world a so much better place.

As I have seen in many Facebook posts this saying “You may not be able to change the whole world, But helping someone can change the world for them.”

So go play a video game with your family or just do something nice for those you love whoever it might be.

Plus mothers day is coming up so don’t forget to make your mom feel special. I know i will.

Love you Mom and Love you Dad!


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