Did you know pain feels better than depression? That makes no sense to average person. Though as a person who Frequently visits the dark side, I got to say it is an interesting shift.

How did this pain happen? Well an accident is what happened! I would not wish this pain on anyone. The pain is a nice respite from the droning of my monotone blues.

I remember days when i would inflict pain upon myself just to feel anything. It was a gloomy place that I was in. I wanted out. I got out, mostly?

As the person I used to be and to the person I am today both struggle at this game called life. The story takes across different lands. Each day feels like a chapter of gears of war game.

You use your skills and hone them to the best of your ability. I find difficulty in games and life. I’m one of those gamers that plays easy mode on every game I start. Why should I be challenged by something that i want to escape reality with. Life is too hard as it is.

I am rambling on and making no sense. So I am going to end this weird diatribe with something of an uplifting message to my readers.

 Life may knock you down , but as many a great leaders have said and in this case Winston Churchill, “Never ever, give up!”


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