I had to do something I’ve been dreading to do. I found that even I made it a humongous task in my head, it was actually quite refreshing to finish!

The thoughts in my mind run wild. I actually find that the act of my ideas are pleasant. Responsibility, it is a momentous word. I find to be an adult is literally completing tasks that change your world and those around you.

I want to be this centered. I want to become practical.

I have so much free time. I spend it in various ways.I have discovered that my time is actually shorter than I thought. I’m not saying that I am going to die in a day or anytime soon. We all have a select increment on this rock. I choose from now on to make actions.

I still have a long way. I have more. I will find the way.

I will forge on.

I will glide among the clouds.


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