It has been a long time between posts. My scrawling mind took a break to lose a little sanity and gain a ship full madness.

I hope the readers of my blog will enjoy my new crazy. I have been on a long road of self discovery, well not that long. I feel as if I been down every sprawling walkway in my mind to return here.

I want to share what my experience of winter has done to me. The culling of the weak ideas. The bolstering of the strong trends of my life. I have taken to new ways of travel within my cavernous storage of my thought machine.

Sanity is just one mans or many humans perfect idea of a normal brain. I do not fit in that perfection. I enjoy the imperfection of a ever changing landscape of gray matter.

Hope to all who enter the recesses of your cranium. May you come out better than before, and hopefully not too mad.


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