Alone time. It can be lonely . I have mastered the introvert time that I have to make it a more enjoyable Time for me. There will be times where I will miss the sun and those who walk under it. I am definitely a night person. I like the sanguine night crawlers in our shared mythology. I just don’t need human blood as sustenance. I love the artificial light of Edison’s and Tesla’s great invention. When I have all this technology to interact with, I jump to joy.

I feel a interesting sensation of finding a place in my heart that is called satisfaction. I had so my holes in my mind recently. I release from the old me to a more powerful and balanced existence. I feel like this blog has empowered me to think and to learn. I write there for it is. I just needed a break from the waking world.

The night blends with early morning, which is soon to come. I look forward to the embrace of the new day as the sun hugs the clouds. I will visit upon the majesty of the light. Those who are mine will be loved. I will make merry with the those who have come to know me.

I close this post , with the thought of exuberance. Those who choose to read I hope your day can be as good as my night, or better yet even more.


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