The isolation of a winter’s night. Though it is not snowing or raining. I still sit in the windowless room. No human interaction for me until my part of the world wakes up. I wish that I could be normal, even though there is no such thing. Everyone is strange, weird, and different. I am who I am. It takes effort to accept that.

I know the world is changing for many people all over the globe. I wish I could change the world for the better. My voice in my head (thoughts) Say that as I exist I change the very fabric of time itself. If that it is good or bad is up to interpretation. I choose to be good. So I learn from my mistakes. Push forward through the grime and muck. I hope that I leave impact much greater than I can see.

So when ever I feel down or those around me. I remind myself that I have a purpose. My purpose I choose by  my thoughts, words and actions. It is a delicate world but there are strong people in it! I hope that any one that reads this might be empowered to do what their purpose is as they choose!


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