I awake eager and ready to an early start of my birthday.

I routine myself to the normal start of a day. I begin to awake as i run through morning diagnostics. All the time that I am moving through motions of the dawn of the day. I remember today is special. I remember that I have lived on this earth for 26 orbits.

It starts as an inkling of thought that brings life to itself the forefront of my mind. Then it hits me I have been blessed and survived a another orbit. I have come so far in the moons of the year. I have time to celebrate this rotation of our beautiful earth.

I have wonderful plans for this rotation. It excites me and i remind myself why is today special. It is the fact that I due to the complexity of the universe have been blessed with life from my creator and by proxy my Mother and Father. They all had a plan for me and for the first time in a while I am reminded that life is the gargantuan blessing that i feel today in my very bones.

Structure I have. Life I have. Love I have. Order I have. Blessed I am.

I need to remember this feeling for every day of my life not just once every orbit.

So here I am a mote on this world. But today I am a star burning bright. I will savor this light the rest of my duration on this geode.I will share my exuberance with every one I meet in my existence. The light shall shine in the darkest of places. My light, My life.

Bless all of you for I share this light with you all.


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