I sit here in front of the glowing screen. Relaxed and refreshed. This glow is keeping me from the thing we call sleep. Sleep is almost a spiritual experience, Diving  into the dark zone of light in the depth of our human brain.

Falling deep into what is beneath our Current consciousness. But for now i abstain from taking the plunge into the abyss.

I love both states of my of life, both sleep and wake-fullness.

My grandma would say the World could use more “lerts.” I feel I have passed the threshold of use-fullness. So the rest of the night is for me to simply enjoy.

So my favorite music plays, entrapping my ears. while i shift through the various social media sites for something to hold the attention of my spastic state of mind.

I like to dance, for real. You would not think that i a 350 lb. man with a baby face and the legs of a towering giant would enjoy something like that. Though i really do. I enjoy it, but I am ashamed of my weight. I hide the fact that i do. I have passion for letting my body ease to a energetic trance of personal vessel movement.

I have an almost ephemeral loving thought process. People don’t normally get to meet this version of me. I wish people would understand that if you get to know me i can be quite a caring person.

I plan to use the rest of the night to watch a very complex show and try out the new violent video game that came out 3 days ago.

I hope this insight in to my life gives you power to do what you always wanted to do. I’m definitely doing what i want to do, so why not you. We need people to take honest action of their own design. Choose who you are going to be and just be you.


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