I’m the only one awake in my entire family. No one to converse with. No one to do activities with.

So i sit here semi-alone, (other than a needy kitty cat), waiting for the beginning of the day for every one else.

I will only get a 30 minute window with my parents to be with them as they get ready for their respective work places.

I have played a little of the game Overwatch. It was quite exciting due to the new additions of a Halloween match type.

Though i think of my brother playing the game. You see him and I play very frequently together in our free time.

He lives miles away in a city that i don’t get to visit very often. I do get  regular correspondence with my guitar loving brother over many types electronic wave-lengths.

I don’t treat myself well staying up in the wee hours of the morning or should i say the dead of night.

I eat very little. My exercise is limited to going up down the stairs of the basement i live in.

So when they say that you are the worst enemy of thine self, I tend to agree.

I wish i was normal sometimes. Though i have a more strong inclination to be extra-ordinary.

You see i always wanted more from this life. I feel i have may found more in life today then any day in the immediate past.

I have this blog a way to air my thoughts. It is most satisfying to be writing. I see so much to be had in this endeavor.

I will be up many more hours till my body says enough of this torture. When i do claim that much needed rest i will enter the world of dreams. Dreams a place to travel the stars.


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